Time Articles




A sampling of reported pieces:
• Ethical, organic, safe: the other side of halal food (The Guardian)
• Buying Muslim (Time)
• Updating the Mosque for the 21st Century (Time)
• Breaking Through (Time)
• A Secret History (New York Times Magazine)
• Faith in the Market (Foreign Policy)
• Nujood Ali & Shada Nasser: The Voices for Children (Glamour)
• A One-Woman War on Injustice (Glamour)
• Big Trouble (Newsweek)
• The Realm of the Senses (Newsweek)
Revolutionary Style (Vogue)



Arts Criticism

Examples of writings on the arts, or profiles of writers and artists:
• Past Master: Stephen Sondheim (Time)
Hanif Kureishi: Rebel With a Medal (Time)
The Shackles Of Freedom (Newsweek)
Jazz in Strange Places (Newsweek)
Rock ‘N’ Roll Rushdie (Newsweek)




A selection of Carla Power’s magazine essays:
A mother shakes her child in public – do you step in? (The Guardian)
7 Moments Every Adult Caring for Their Parents Goes Through (O, The Oprah Magazine)
The Pleasure of Pinching Pennies (O, The Oprah Magazine)
What I Trade for Love (O, The Oprah Magazine)
The Politics of Women’s Head Coverings (Time)
Stuck in Class (Time)
Indecent Exposure (Time)
What Kids Should Know (Newsweek)
A Time to Remember (Time)



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